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Jun 8, 2008 — Well, I am doing some research to find some top-level web design firms (client project), and I am encountering the phenomenon of WAY too much data, not enough information. Seems like everyone who can spell "HTML" is billing themselves as a web design firm, and it is difficult to sort out the serious contenders from the fly-by-nights.

After a brief foray into a series of so-called "top designers" I was able to eliminate about 90% of them with one click. My rule of thumb is, if I gag on the index page of the company's own website, I am not going to put them on my list.

It's interesting how many "top designers" are still using 50 paragraphs in 3-point font, meditation music, elaborate flash renditions of blooming flowers, elaborate and/or too many fonts, and more colors than Baskin Robbins has flavors - on their index pages. Not to mention page after page after page of marketing hype with NO product-price listing, inconsistent links from page to page, pop-up windows and PDF pages... not to mention crappy proofreading.

As Dylan once observed, it should be required that people have a license to design web pages.

Anyone have any particular recommendations or notes about some of the truly substantial web design firms? I'm looking for companies with substantial numbers of clients and significant annual revenues.

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