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Tell Me Why This is a Good Thing

Sep 17, 2006 — OK, I just watched one of those snarky, smug, Mac-vs-PC ads... you know, the one where the casual, hip, young guy is all condescending to the geeky, confused, middle-aged suit.

In this ad, PC Guy has two broken arms because someone tripped over his power cord and he fell off his desk. Mac Man is way cool because his power cord is attached magnetically so if someone trips over it, or pulls on it, it just pops off. "It's all thought out," he sneers.

So I'm wondering, did they think out the part where the power cord keeps coming unplugged when the cat runs under the table? Or when someone crosses their legs and catches the cord? Or when a vacuum catches it?

And then I thought, who keeps their power cord out where someone can walk past and trip over it anyway?

Man, I hate those ads.

Dylan says:

All thought out? You mean all thought out by someone else. Magnetic power cords have been around for years (mostly on appliances), but Apple is making it sound like they invented the idea.

The thing that made me hate that particular ad was that at the end the mac guy refers to the PC guy's background as his screensaver. Are they intentionally trying to completely and totally piss off the thousands of family/friend tech support geeks who have to deal with people calling their background their screensaver? Whenever I hear someone say that, I silently think to myself, "Idiot." I don't say it, of course. That would be rude. I don't feel any such inhibition about saying it about the mac guy in the ad though.


lidge_34 says:

I hate that whole series of ads. It just seems as though they are comparing the latest, greatest Mac to a five-year-old PC. One of them boasts about how Macs can talk to all your digital cameras but with a PC you have to install all sorts of drivers. Uh, no. I have both Mac and PC in my office, and have used multiple digital cameras made by Canon, Olympus, Nikon, Kodak and HP, and have never had to install drivers for any of them. That is on both Windows 2000 and XP machines, never the Mac.

My question is, why hasn't anyone sued Apple? Maybe because their claims about the PC are so general that it isn't clear which PC maker sucks?

I don't know, I don't really put myself on the old "Macs suck" bandwagon, but I still use PCs and it bugs the crap out of me when Mac people act all high and mighty as if Macs are perfect and everything is better on them.

CJO says:

Those ads remind me a lot of the Bush administration: to a relatively normal guy like me, them seem kind of cool at first. But then after thinking about it, you realize that they only make sense when you twist the facts around.

Tom Batten, who wrote this piece on mcsweeneys.net, seems to have the same idea.

By the way, if you're not reading McSweeneys every single day, you're really missing out. Hands-down, it's the funniest creative writing on the Internet.

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