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Jun 10, 2006 — So, how come when a record meteorite hits Norway and causes a "Hiroshima-sized" destruction, it takes me 20 minutes to even find the story on the Internet, but CNN carries not one but THREE headlines at once about Angelina's baby?

dcormier says:

Gotta love main-stream media.

CJO says:


Wirehead says:


Jackson says:

I can't laugh - this is so frustratingly true on so many levels....

lidge_34 says:

We all know that SportsCenter is the only true news program. Oh... just me?

peterman says:

Yeah. I haven't read the stories to see exactly what the crisis is all about, but for at least 5 DAYS I have seen headlines about Britney Spears being an emotional wreck.

Back in the day, I don't remember Walter Cronkite reporting on the offstage dramas of the Lawrence Welk show cast. Are we better off now?

Wirehead says:

peterman, I am instructed to inform you that as a result of your divulgence of classifed Top Secret information regarding the marital spats of Britney and Kevin which may have compromised national security, you are placed forthwith under arrest for crimes against the State. Feel free to comment on piddling, unimportant matters such as multikiloton meteor impacts and the recent successful apprehension of al-Zarqawi from your maximum-security cell in a Federal prison, and leave matters of political importance, such as the fact that Angelina's new baby has big lips, to people trained to deal with issues of geopolitical significance.

Hands against the wall and spread 'em, you filthy traitor.

peterman says:

Heh. Yesterday while writing my post I was going to remark how all these britney stories seem timed to compete with the whole brangelina epic safari saga. I was going to say something really cynical, like the britney press is all an attempt by her machine to inject news about her into the same magazines that are probably selling well due to the Other story. But I resisted, because I'm trying hard to be less jaded, less cynical.

The CNN Britney headline du jour? "Britney Spears considering next birth in Namibia"

Back to cynical. I predict next week we will see a headline about "Britney seen with Beckham" in order to leverage the whole World Cup market.

If Someone was having a baby in Norway while the meteor hit, you'd have had it on video.

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