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Getting Gas

Nov 18, 2008 — I heard it's below $2/gallon in six states now. I paid $2.11 in Tigard on Friday, and passed a station this morning where it was $2.06.

Next time I get gas, I'm going to tell them to fill up the tank really slowly, so it will be under $2 by the time I pay for it.

rnewhouse says:

And yesterday I paid $1.99/gallon in Beaverton.

bnoel says:

$1.69 cambridge, ohio - question is - how long?

rnewhouse says:

Tonight I thought I was going well to fill the tank at $1.65/gal, then on the way home I passed a Shell station advertising $1.64/gal. That's less than half of what it was maybe six months ago, I think.

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